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In St. Martinville, We're Organizing!


In St. Martinville there is a group of women who started a grassroots group called "Mama's for Obama." They held their organizational meeting, ordered their merchandise, held a voter registration drive, a team meeting, they assigned roles, collected "I'm In" signatures, scheduled future events, recruited volunteers, and held a Women for Obama House meeting.

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This is the kicker....none of our members had ever received any type of formal training until a little over two weeks ago when Lisa G. sat around the kitchen table with an OFA Louisiana staff member. Now, the team is continuing to make leaps and bounds in organizing their community and getting others involved.

Lisa G. is proud of the accomplishments of the team and the accomplishments of the President.


Starting a neighborhood team in your community is as easy as getting a few like-minded supporters together then contacting us to assist in organizing a team meeting. We will get you set up in no time and before you know it you will have a beautiful team snowflake.

It's easy as 1-2-3 to start a team in your neighborhood. Tweet @OFA_LA to start a team.

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