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Grassroots Training and Day of Action: What an adventure!

Our grassroots trainings and day of action were well planned and executed by Louisiana Volunteer Leaders. And what an adventure it was! There were activities across the state in every region led by regional leads, neighborhood team leaders, organizing fellows, core team members, and volunteers . Not to mention a group of young Americans hitting the road led by campus organizers. But wait! Grassroots training? What about all of those power point slides? Not for this adventure. It was all in a day's work and all about:

"Taking action on the ground!"

We started with an early morning road trip from Louisiana led by campus organizers

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Then on the homefront:

Team Leaders joint collaboration in Northern Louisiana

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Volunteers on the phones in the Baton Rouge area and throughout the state

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Crunching numbers and data entry from a full day of action in Southern Louisiana


Then a late evening return from a successful road trip


Take a look at our amazing road trip photos on FACEBOOK

But there's more. This is what the Regional Leads had to say to their wonderful volunteers for a job well done:

"Although our region is spread out very far and wide, it didn't feel that way today because we were all focused on the same mission and we got it done as a team!!! We even had to ask for more calls because we didn't have enough to go around. Thanks to each of you for your hard work and cooperation" --Del B., Regional Lead, 01 Shreveport Region

“Thanks to everyone for pushing hard on the phones during our day of action. It is because of your persistence and dedication that we were able to meet our grassroots training goals and plan for our next team building event. Thanks to you, “we are growing.” Because our region has been consistently taking action with positive results, we have local churches working with us to register voters and help build neighborhood teams. Now that is “Good News!” --Troy D., Regional Lead, 05 Lafayette Region

"Thanks to all who gave up their Saturday afternoon to join in this worthy effort in getting the President re-elected and electing Democrats up and down the ticket."--Harriet J., Regional Lead, 04 Baton Rouge Region

"I am pleased to report that Region 5 did an outstanding job with the planning, implementation and reporting for the Saturday, March 3rd Grassroots training and day of action. We accepted the challenge and did not disappoint!!!" --Melissa N., Regional Lead, 05 New Orleans Region

You don't want to miss out on our next adventure, just click here to see upcoming EVENTS IN LOUISIANA.

Also listen to what supporters had to say:

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to go on the road trip with the Young Americans Greater Together Students from Tulane University and Southern University. Is there a " Young Professionals for Obama" group? -- Brett, J., President of The Young Democrats of Louisiana and Louisiana State University Law Student

"We are proud of the work and the results from this past weekend throughout the state of Louisiana. Your accomplishments speak volume to what we can accomplish by continuing to work together. Keep up the great work!"--Renee L., Louisiana Democratic State Party, Executive Director

From the Regional Field Director:

"Team Louisiana, it's great being on the ground with you.Thanks to everyone for a job well done this past weekend which a testament of what the future holds as we continue to grow strong neighborhood teams. I am very excited for what we are going to do together."--Phillip S.

From the State Director:

We are working together to build capacity in this movement and to sustain momentum so that we all are winners Nov 2012 and beyond. Pat M.

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