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Dillard Univerisity Packed The Yard

Sam is a Dillard University alumni and the neighborhood team leader for OFA Louisiana's Team Gentilly in New Orleans. On a brisk Saturday, Sam took full advantage to mix a little fun with a whole lot of work In "The Yard," a location where students gather regularly for various activities.

Dillard 003

Neighborhood Team Gentilly was out in full force in "the yard". The energy was high, the smell of BBQ on the grill filled the air, and dancers were stepping to the sounds in a packed yard of students, alumni and OFA Louisiana volunteers.

Dillard 040

Dillard 046 Dillard 031 Dillard 033 Dillard 049

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Spring is a great time to get involved and volunteer on your college campus because we are Greater Together!

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