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Kentuckians for a Blue Ohio: Canvassing in Cincinnati

Kentuckians for a Blue Ohio 1

Last week two of our fellows, Alex P. of Lexington and Alex G. of Henderson, ventured to nearby Cincinnati to join team Ohio for a day of canvassing.

It was so cool interacting with Ohio voters. One man I spoke to even told me that I may be the reason he votes for President Obama in November. I feel like I’ve made a difference. – Alex G.

Alex P. agrees:

It was great. There’s something special about a genuine face-to-face conversation with someone convincing them that they should stand with the President. I really enjoyed myself, and plan to go back in the future.

Here in Kentucky, we’re supporting the work of democrats all across the country, but we’re especially keen on making sure that our neighbor to the north turns blue this November.

Find an event near you where you can join our team in Kentucky to help turn Ohio blue.

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