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Camp Obama in Ohio

Kentuckians for a Blue Ohio 1

Add this to your list of things of reasons to visit Ohio on Thursday: Camp Obama.

It's a boot camp for anyone who wants to play a part on the ground in this election -- whether that means having conversations with people you know, signing up for some volunteer shifts, or stepping up to lead a neighborhood team.

Camp Obama is where you'll learn what it means to be an organizer -- and where you'll get all the skills you need to start getting people fired up where you live.

There are a limited number of spots available, though, and these trainings almost always fill up -- So hold your spot now.

There's a special energy around these trainings that you should really be a part of. The connections people make at Camp Obama, and the ideas sparked by casual conversations in the hallways during breaks, are what move all of our efforts forward and keep us inspired.

When it's over, you'll be totally prepared to hit the ground running the next day.

So put it on your calendar, and let us know to hold your spot at Camp Obama.

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