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Indianapolis summer organizing fellows training

Last weekend, our brand new class of Indiana fellows gathered for their summer organizing training program in Indianapolis.

This summer’s bright and motivated fellows heard from some of the state’s best community organizers, volunteers, and staff throughout the training. The program focused on successful team building and organizing strategies. The seasoned staff and volunteers leading the training presented this new group of organizers with the tools they need to help reelect President Obama.

After the two day training, the group was split up and sent out into their respective communities across the state to begin to build and organize their own teams.

Indiana fellows training

"The first thing I want to do is start building a stronger team in the area. I feel there are a lot of potential volunteers out there, but they just haven’t had a lot of opportunities until now."
—Lauren, Indianapolis

"After this weekend, I feel a lot more confident about going out there and organizing in my community. I’m committed to running up the score in Marion County with the ultimate goal of reelecting the President."
—Sam, Indianapolis

Our Indiana summer fellows are ready to go, and we are fired up to watch them learn and grow into talented campaign organizers!

Keep up with the new class of fellows here on the Indiana state page—and come out to an upcoming event to meet them in person.

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