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While They're Packing Up

With the caucus behind us, the Republican candidates are all packing up and leaving our state. But the organization we've been building is here to stay -- and it's only going to get stronger.

You probably know who won their caucuses. That's not what I'm emailing you about.

I'm writing to thank you. So many of you stepped up to volunteer and organize in your neighborhoods, to go to your local Democratic caucus and stand with the President, and to spread the word.

And as our prospective opponents are heading out of town, I wanted to make sure you saw exactly what that work accomplished last night.

Check out this video of the Iowa caucuses -- then commit to joining your neighborhood team to keep growing this organization:


We've said from the start that the caucuses were our chance to ramp up our organizing for November. And that's exactly what we did.

We organized more than 1,400 events to get our fellow Iowans engaged for the caucuses -- and volunteers made almost half a million calls. And last night, even though we didn't have an opponent, 25,000 people showed up to voice their support for the President and their commitment to keeping up our progress. 7,500 new folks signed up as volunteers.

But it's not just about those numbers.

While the Republicans have been on the airwaves, we've been on the ground, organizing in our communities and building for the long haul. When their ads air for the last time, they'll be done here for a while. But we'll still be getting ready for November and everything that lies ahead.

We've got a lot to do here before Election Day.

Check out the video from the caucuses, then commit to join your neighborhood team to keep this organization growing in your part of our state:

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