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Tomorrow: Hear from President Obama at the caucuses

Just a reminder: The caucuses are tomorrow evening.

If you haven't heard already, President Obama is going to be joining your local caucus through a video conference to thank you for the central role you play in this campaign.

The best way to make sure you don't miss it is to have a plan. When you know where and when your local caucus will be, and how you're getting there, it's easy to attend.


Our friends at the Iowa Democratic Party have put together a handy site to help you locate your caucus. Check it out now and find out where your caucus will be Tuesday night.

As we participate in the caucuses, we're not just showing our support for the President. We're coming together with our neighbors to build the organization that will carry us through 2012.

Our grassroots organization is already stronger than any that the Republican candidates have: We've got eight offices across the state, we've made more than 400,000 phone calls, and we've held more than a thousand events to encourage our fellow Iowans to step up for the caucuses and everything that follows.

No matter what happens tomorrow night, we have the strongest organization of any candidate in our state for the coming year -- thanks to your willingness to volunteer, caucus, and reach out to people you know to ask them to take part.

I'm looking forward to standing up for the President tomorrow and hearing from him personally. I hope you are, too.

Find your caucus location now.

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