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SOTU 2012 Scenes From Iowa

This past Tuesday, Iowans gathered in neighborhoods across the state to hear Presdient Obama deliver his State of the Union address. Local volunteers hosted more than 50 watch parties that were held in living rooms, community centers, diners, and bars to watch the President lay out his blueprint for the year ahead.

With so many great events here in Iowa, we were flooded with great photos and stories from all of them. Below are some of our favorite photos from Tuesday's SOTU 2012 watch parties. And since we couldn't include all of the photos we received in this one post, we went ahead and put together a full album on our Facebook page to highlight the great watch parties in communities across Iowa.

Beaverdale SOTU Party - Cheers for POTUS The crowd in Beaverdale was all cheers when President Obama stepped up to the podium on Tuesday.

Ames SOTU Watch Party - SOTU Bingo Ames attendees decided to have a little fun during the speech with a game of SOTU Bingo.

Iowa City SOTU Party - Crowd Mingling at The Mill Fired up crowd was milling around at The Mill, a well-known Iowa City tavern.

North Scott Co. SOTU Party - Welcoming the new guy Team "Top of the Scott" was welcoming their new organizer, Jay, at their SOTU watch party at a local diner in Eldridge.

Johnston SOTU Party - All Smiles It was all smiles from the group in Johnston on Tuesday night.

Davenport SOTU Party - Where's POTUS? Can you spot POTUS amongst the crowd in Davenport?

Dubuque SOTU Party - Getting comfy Folks from Dubuque getting comfy in a neighbor's living room.

Beaverdale SOTU Party - "So Many Sign-Ins!!!" "There's just SO MANY sign-ins!" - Kim, a team member from Beaverdale as the night came to a close.

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