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Iowa Site Highlight: We Can't Wait to Hear Your Story

Last week, we rolled out some changes to the Iowa page. Among these changes were several new features, each of which we'll highlight in more detail throughout this week. Today, the feature we'd like to share is our Iowa Story Teller tool.

Below is a story we've already received from Ken J., a retired Army veteran from Bettendorf. In 2010, Ken suffered a heart attack and credits the policies of President Obama for being alive today.

Without the help of my military health insurance and retirement, I probably wouldn't be here today. Thanks to President Obama's help in keeping veterans' benefits from being cut, I have just joined the effort in my community to organize for the upcoming Iowa Democratic Caucuses, and the reelection of President Obama in 2012. This is my way of serving our president and all veterans past, present and future.

President Obama is continuing to stand up for veterans like Ken, and all Americans with his proposals in the American Jobs Act. Now’s a great time for you to join people like Ken to make sure your voice is heard by telling your story. We want you tell us why you want to be involved in this campaign and why you're once again standing for change. How have you been helped by the work President Obama has already done, and how will you benefit from President Obama's call to pass the American Jobs Act?

We’re building a powerful case for action by sharing the stories of everyday Iowans. Make sure yours is included. OFA.BO/caucus

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