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Better Know A Turf - Iowa City

This new "Better Know A Turf" post highlights the teams in Iowa City and throughout Johnson County that are showing what it means to be Greater Together for Obama 2012!

Iowa City Office

As all of our staff and volunteers across the state can tell you, the work that they've been engaged in for the upcoming Iowa caucuses is an incredibly important first step to building the most sophisticated field program in the history of American politics. By using the caucus as an opportunity to lay our foundation for November 2012, it has already provided the much-needed time to have the face-to-face conversations, neighbor-to-neighbor discussions, and volunteer participation needed to win in 2012. In the home turf of the Iowa Hawkeyes, teams in Iowa City and throughout Johnson County have shown time and again that they are making the most of this organizing opportunity. Check out the video below for a story about the Iowa City team's caucus organization that just ran on a local TV station.

With the work that's been put in for the caucuses, the community in Johnson County has been able to take full advantage of combining efforts between neighborhood and campus based teams, and showing what being Greater Together is all about.

"I have never witnessed such dedication from a community for a singular cause – we have University of Iowa students working together in the same team as folks long retired, all working to get President Obama another four years." - Ben, Field Organizer in Johnson County

REI Iowa City

The passion for this cause is evident with each volunteer that comes in and out of the Iowa City office. Will, a current University of Iowa freshman and an alum of both our summer organizer and fall fellows programs, wrote about the reasons why he's fighting for President Obama's re-election in 2012 in a recent Op-Ed in the campus newspaper, The Daily Iowan.

I believe in an America where hard work and responsibility do pay off. I believe in an America where women receive equal wages for the same work as men, an America where gays and lesbians can choose to protect our nation by serving in the military without protecting their true identities. I believe in an America that is dedicated to educating children and young adults to secure America's position atop a global community. I believe in an America where an individual cannot be denied health-coverage because of a pre-existing condition or be dropped by an insurance company once they become sick.

I believe in President Obama and all he has to offer both to me personally and to our nation.

I believe in four more years.

Commit to attend the upcoming Iowa caucus on January 3rd to show the nation what being Greater Together for Obama 2012 is all about!

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