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Better Know A Turf - Davenport

This is the second entry to highlight each of our 8 office “turfs” across Iowa. Earlier in the week we highlighted the work happening in Cedar Rapids, and today we'll cover Davenport by sharing some of the stories behind the great neighborhood teams and volunteers throughout Scott County.

Davenport Office

Here in Iowa, we're fortunate enough to have an opportunity to participate in one of the most democratic processes that exists throughout the world, the Iowa caucus. For those who have never participated in a caucus, the caucuses give Iowans a chance to stand up and show their support for particular candidates and have conversations with their neighbors about issues of importance to them.

It's truly an opportunity to get together with members of your community and share your stories with one another about why certain candidates and policies matter most to you.

And as all of the volunteers in the Davenport area who have worked with the OFA Iowa staff past and present can attest, they’re a group that’s all about sharing stories! Allie, the local organizer in Davenport, summed up the importance of sharing stories.

Everyone has a story, each and every person who is involved with our campaign has a compelling reason for being here. Maybe it’s because they have a family member who’s going to benefit from health care reform, or maybe they’ve lost their job and know that President Obama’s plan is their best chance of getting back to work. Whatever their reason, it’s important to take the time to ask them what it is.

There’s been a number of volunteers in Scott County who have shared reasons for why they’re in for 2012. A few weeks ago, we shared Ken’s story, and we’ve heard from a lot more folks since then.

People like Kevin, a neighborhood team leader and small-business owner from Davenport who says that President Obama hasn’t been given the credit he deserves for the policies he’s enacted to to support middle-class Americans and small-business owners like himself.

I’m In because big things have been accomplished thus far, but together with President Obama, we have more work to do to continue the progress made in repairing and restoring our country. The bottom line for me is this, I like President Obama just like most folks do, but more importantly I trust President Obama. I feel like he’s got my back, and I know I’ve got his back!


Through neighbors sharing their own stories with fellow neighbors and members of their community, our neighborhood volunteer teams have continued to grow. The idea that “we can do things better if we’re in it together” has empowered teams to take full ownership of the 2012 campaign within their neighborhoods. Allie is always mindful of where this begins: relationships.

It’s amazing to see how this campaign can bring together very different people around a common cause and shared goal. I’ve witnessed so many volunteers forming relationships with one another and becoming friends. After all, organizing really is just a fancy word for relationship building.

We can't wait to hear your story too! Why are you working to make sure that we re-elect President Obama in 2012? Take some time and submit your own stories.

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