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GOTV: Day 1

On the first day of Get Out the Vote (GOTV), Michiganders proved they’re fired up and ready to go.

All across Michigan, volunteers made phone calls and hit the doors to remind their friends and neighbors to vote on Tuesday.

Every volunteer has a story of why he or she supports Barack Obama, like Esther of Bloomfield Hills.

“We need someone we can trust and believe in. The President has done great work creating jobs and standing up for women on issues like equal pay and the right to choose.”

For Julie, this election is the most important she's ever seen.

"I've always been politically engaged, but this is the most important election I've ever been part of. It's a choice between rigid ideology and a value based vision. It's about securing the long term vision we want for our community and our country. We're going to win this election. I believe in the citizens that love this country. We may not always agree on everything, but we all want to see our country move forward."

Laverne of Southfield believes in the President, too.

“He's an honorable man of integrity who cares about everyone — you can see it in his policies like the Affordable Care Act or helping people like me refinance their homes. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to support him.”

Ursula of Farmington Hills wants the President to have four more years to continue steering our country in the right direction.

"President Obama is restoring our country's economy, prestige and equality. He's the face of a diverse America and that's good for all of us."

There’s still time to show the President you’ve got his back. Sign up to volunteer.


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