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Faces of the Campaign: Razi H.

Name: Razi H.

Campaign Role: Organizing Fellow

Hometown?: West Hartford, CT

Organizing in: Washington, D.C.

Q1. What do you do for the campaign?

I’m an Obama for America Operation Vote Fellow in Washington, DC. I help engage different constituency groups and make sure they’re fired up and ready to go!

Q2. What's your favorite part about working with OFA-DC?

I enjoy meeting and working with Americans from all walks of life and hearing their stories.

Q3. Why did you want to get involved with the campaign?

I grew up in a medical household—my father is a doctor and my mother is a registered nurse. Growing up, my parents sacrificed a lot so that my siblings and I could have opportunities they did not have. Many nights would go by without seeing my dad because he worked the late shift.

I distinctly remember my parents talking with me about the number of uninsured patients that would come into my father’s office. He would always do whatever he could to ensure that they would be okay. When President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act, I was extraordinarily grateful that—finally—my father and many health professionals like him would have support from the government to care for all people.

Q4. What is the most unexpected part about your role?

In my first week as a fellow, I was responsible for putting on an event for young professionals. Almost 70 people come out to support President Obama—the event was a success. There was tremendous enthusiasm and excitement about the event and the campaign.

The overwhelming outpouring of support from staff and volunteers made the event even more memorable—I didn’t expect that. The whole experience was a good reminder that all of our individual efforts are humbly recognized, but it is important to have a team effort. I look forward to the little things like this—they keep me motivated every day.

Q5. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

People tell me that I am an artist. I enjoy sketching, sculpting, photography and digital media.

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