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Your Neighborhood Team: Mary D., Team Leader

In this series, we get to know the volunteers who work in neighborhoods across Colorado. For the first installment, we interviewed Neighborhood Team Leader, Mary D.


Mary has lived in Denver for 38 years, where she was a city council woman and president of Community Health Charities of Colorado. Now she is helping re-elect the President by hosting events, helping train new organizers and talking to her neighbors about how Obama has helped them.

Neighborhood: Bonnie Brae/Washington Park, Denver.
New Year’s Resolution: Travel more!
Fun Fact: I grew up in South Dakota, but in the city, so I can’t tell you the difference between wheat and barley!

Why did you decide to volunteer for the Obama campaign?

I volunteered in 2008 and decided to again because of healthcare reform. Without President Obama, I’m very concerned we’ll go back to the old ways when health insurances were in control of healthcare. I believe healthcare for everyone is a basic right.

What does a Neighborhood Team Leader do?

We recruit people to volunteer for the campaign and canvass, register voters, enter data, and do whatever else we need to do to be successful and get 9 electoral votes for President Obama. We also create a strong local presence for big events in Colorado, like when the President visits.

A neighborhood team meeting and preparing to make calls in Denver.

What is your favorite part of being a Neighborhood Team Leader?

I like to meet new people in the neighborhood and reconnect with people I haven’t talked with in awhile. For instance, I connected with someone yesterday who I had known 15 years ago!

What advice would give to a new organizer?

It’s important to talk to people in your community about how you’re their neighbor and explain how the President’s policies have helped your community.

Interested in organizing in your community? Sign up now to join Mary or get involved with a neighborhood team near you.

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