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"We Are Back in Business"

Cindy SBO for Obama

14 years ago, Cindy started her own flower arranging business, and today she is the proud owner of a successful retail store and floral boutique. But back in 2008, Cindy’s business was hit hard by the economic recession:

“My business was almost wiped out in 2008. We were literally hanging by a thread and it was really tricky. We still had a lot of employees and continued to make sure we could pay health insurance for them. But it was definitely a scary time and we had to hang on.”

Since President Obama has been in office, he's passed 18 small business tax cuts to help small business owners like Cindy hire employees, provide health care, and grow their businesses. Right here in Colorado, over 123,000 small businesses have been eligible for one of these small business tax cuts.


With hard work and support from the President's small business policies, Cindy has put her business back on track:

“Because of the steps the President took to keep things from plummeting and to stabilize us as a country, everything leveled out for my business. We were back up after 2 years and we are back in business! Our numbers are way up and we have been hiring over our 2008 levels for over a year now – we actually just hired 2 more employees last week.”

For Cindy, there is only one clear choice in this election:

"President Obama has his heart in the right place. I want that -- we need him going forward.”

There are only 14 days left to register to vote in Colorado. Don't wait -- register today.

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