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Veronica Meets the First Lady

"It was a dream come true: I hugged the First Lady," says Veronica, a volunteer and small business owner who had the chance to introduce First Lady Michelle Obama at an event in Colorado yesterday.

"It was absolutely wonderful to be able to meet her. She's such a wonderful and inspiring woman, and both she and President Obama are so genuine. That's what I said in my introduction: I expressed my admiration for them and thanked them for everything they've done for my family.

"The First Lady talked about how we have to get people together and give them the facts about what the President's done: health care, equal pay, all of that. It was very motivating—she definitely gave us a boost."

Veronica's story covers two countries and a lot of hard work:

"I was born in Texas and raised in Mexico," she says, "but my family is very American. Growing up, the music was jazz, big band and rock and roll—just about as American as it gets. When I was 18, I said 'That's the country I love, so that’s where I'm going to be!' and moved back to El Paso.

"I was a stay-at-home mom until my daughter Alyssa started preschool. A few years later, my husband Lionel and I started a picture framing business in our garage. With a lot of hard work, we opened a retail store, and even though it got tough at times, we stuck it out. Today, we do a lot of framing for our military—coins, plaques, flags, anything the soldiers want framed. President Obama cut small businesses like ours a break on our taxes—that helped us to survive."

When asked why she makes the time to volunteer, Veronica says:

"Seeing how the President and First Lady work for us keeps me going. They know what most of us are going through because they've been there; they understand and remember what it was like. So I just want to make sure everyone is out there doing what they can to keep that man in office. We have to work, and we've got to work hard.

"To anyone thinking about volunteering, you should know that you're not just helping by making calls or doing data entry or knocking doors—you're also creating a community. It's not just a lot of fun, it's an extended family. We support each other."

If you're ready to help President Obama win this November, join Veronica and volunteers in all 50 states by getting involved today.


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