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"The Path is Always Forward"

Latinos for Obama Watch Party: Julián Castro at DNC2012

On Tuesday night, hundreds of supporters across Colorado gathered at Latinos for Obama DNC Watch Parties to witness a historic moment together: San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro delivered the first Democratic National Convention keynote address ever given by a Latino.

Supporters came out to watch the live-streamed speech at Su Teatro, in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District in downtown Denver. Attendees met fellow supporters, enjoyed food and drinks, and learned how to get involved to make the difference this fall.

Josie brought her daughter Emily along for their first of many Latinos for Obama events:

“I got a call from someone who asked if I was interested in volunteering, and I said yes, because we really need to get people registered to vote. It’s great to see members of the community out here and involved. There are so many unregistered Latino voters here, and it’s so important that we register them.”

Latinos for Obama Watch Party: Julián Castro at DNC2012

When the time came, attendees settled in to the Su Teatro theater to watch Mayor Castro’s extraordinary speech. The audience cheered and chanted along with the crowd in Charlotte as Mayor Castro told his personal story – the story of his grandmother’s and mother’s hard work and sacrifice, all to ensure that he and his brother would have opportunities to create better lives. It’s a story that, like those of millions of Americans, demonstrates the promise of the American Dream:

“My family's story isn't special. What's special is the America that makes our story possible. Ours is a nation like no other, a place where great journeys can be made in a single generation. No matter who you are or where you come from, the path is always forward.”

Timi, a supporter who attended the watch party, said she loved Mayor Castro’s story because it hit home:

“He did us proud. I think a lot of people can relate to him. We have the same path as him. He has the same story that a lot of people have, growing up in the United States, being Americans like he is.”

Mayor Castro also reminded us that this promise is on the line this fall. He reminded us that in order to ensure that the American Dream is possible for future generations, we must re-elect President Obama and keep up the progress he’s made. As he walked off the stage, the whole crowd in Denver stood up and waved their Latinos for Obama placards, chanting, “four more years! Four more years!”

Latinos for Obama Watch Party: Julián Castro at DNC2012

Get registered to vote now to keep our country moving forward.

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