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The GottaRegister Rocky Mountain Rumble

This week, we launched the GottaRegister Rocky Mountain Rumble. It’s a competition between two rivals, the Colorado State University Rams and the University of Colorado Boulder Buffs, to see who can register the most voters and build the biggest grassroots movement of involved young people on their campus.

Students are absolutely central to this election, and not just because young people have the power to swing critical battleground states like Colorado. President Obama has made young people and students a priority of his presidency – from doubling our investment in federal student loans and working to keep college affordable, to ensuring kids can stay on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26 – and all of the progress he’s made is at risk of being rolled back. We’re asking students to get involved to help make sure we protect President Obama’s accomplishments for young people, and the first step in making their voices heard will be registering them to vote.

So we’re challenging the Rams and the Buffs in the ultimate showdown: to see who can register the most voters, get the most students involved, and help finish what we’ve started. There will be four quarters, and we'll announce who's ahead at the end of each one. On October 9th, the voter registration deadline, we'll announce the victor. It’s a big competition and the stakes are high – so which team are you on?

Pick your team and let us know who you think will win the GottaRegister Rocky Mountain Rumble!

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