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The 2011 class of Fall Fellows gets trained and organized

Jeremy - Fall Fellows 2011 Training - M

Last Saturday, the Colorado campaign staff had a bit of déjà vu. We found ourselves in the same room on the University of Denver campus where we spent a solid weekend in June training our outstanding Summer Organizers. But this time we were training a new class of Obama supporters: Fall Fellows. Like the Summer Organizers, Colorado’s Fall Fellows will spend time scheduling one-on-one meetings, helping our volunteer leaders with events and registering new voters, but they’ll also be wading into new territory and taking this campaign to the next level.

Many of our Fall Fellows are also college students, and they’ll be working to build foundations on their campus for organizing and student involvement. “Campus organizing is unique and takes a lot of thought and preparation,” State Director Jen Cheyne told the group on Saturday afternoon.

“Students can be tough to organize,” said National Field Director Jeremy Bird, who was visiting Colorado for the Fall Fellows training. “But there’s no one in the country who’s more excited to vote for Barack Obama than those people who were too young to vote in ’08 but are of voting age now.”

Throughout the day, Fall Fellows heard about the big-picture need to get 270 electoral votes for the president and the finer details like how to successfully schedule an in-person meeting with a supporter – and everything in between.

“You’re going to be building our teams and setting Colorado up to be ready to win in 2012,” Field Director Amy Keegan told the Fellows. “It takes a special type of person to come out and organize and do what you do, so thank you.”

We’re thrilled to welcome the Fall Fellows class of 2011!

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