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Tax Day: Paying Their Fair Share

Linda talking to the press about why she supports the Buffett Rule, with Congressman Xavier Becerra and Congressman Ed Perlmutter

Linda C., is a tax professional in Boulder whose job it is to help middle-class Americans prepare their tax returns. Today is tax day, which means she’s incredibly busy helping people file their taxes on time.

“It’s a rewarding job. I enjoy helping people. I enjoy helping them get their fair share from the federal government.”

But it’s not only on tax day that Linda sees her clients paying their fair share, while those who earn much more haven’t been paying theirs. It’s a problem she’s seen first-hand for years.

“A lot of hardworking people come to my office looking for help with their taxes. They don’t ask much – all they ask for is their fair share.”

President Obama agrees with Linda. That’s why he’s proposed the Buffett Rule, which asks those that make more than $1 million a year to pay the same percentage of taxes as a middle-class family. The Buffett Rule is a key step to reducing the deficit and investing in the programs we need to grow and strengthen the economy in Colorado and across the country.

Linda supports the Buffett Rule too. “It’s not complicated. It’s common sense. And most important, it’s just right. We should be asking the same of people who are doing very well in this country.”

Join Linda and sign up to stand with the President and let Washington know that everyone should pay their fair share.

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