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Summer Organizers tell us about their July 16 Day of Action

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This past weekend was a National Day of Action for the campaign. Across the country, we registered new voters to join in the political process and have their voice heard. Today, two of our Colorado Summer Organizers, Alex and Garrett, are sharing their experience from the Day of Action.

Garrett: This past weekend was our National Day of Action in beautiful Adams County, Colorado. I was out with my awesome volunteers, Nate, Cindy, Ann, Bev and Lynetta at the Anythink Library in Thornton.

Alex: I was joined by Roger, Nathan, Dorothy, Harriet and Russel at a Safeway in Westminster, near the Broomfield border. We all withstood the heat and got plenty of people signed up to vote. How’d the library go, Garrett?

Garrett: The Anythink Library is the Adams County voter registration gold mine, for a large part because of the great work of every volunteer who has been there. The temperature may have flirted with triple digits but that did not slow anyone down.

Alex: Yeah, thankfully we had an awning above us which provided some shade and — best practice alert! — I made sure all my volunteers kept nice and hydrated.

Garrett: The continued success of the library location keeps the excitement up each Saturday. Each week we try and beat the last number of voter registration forms collected. Everyone knows what numbers we’re shooting for and owns the challenge of improving week to week. After this Day of Action we’ll definitely have the enthusiasm to blow away our goals next week.

Alex: Absolutely — if anything, that gives you more motivation to do well next week. Every voter we register is a huge accomplishment for the organization — everybody counts.

Garrett: Definitely! I’m glad to have recruited and engaged so many volunteers out to help us engage people in our country’s political process.

Alex: It’s one of the best parts of the Summer Organizer position.Good luck next weekend!

Garrett: You too, my man.

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