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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Sandy

Sandy Carachure

Sandy C. didn’t even need to be asked if she wanted to be a Summer Organizer – she was literally sitting at home, waiting to get involved. “I was watching CNN, like I always do, when I heard that the President officially announced he was running for another term. I called the Ft. Collins Democratic office within two minutes and left a message saying I was ‘In’ right then and there. I got a call back from campaign Regional Field Director Alex Steele and he told me about the Summer Organizer program. It was like I was meant to be an SO.”

Now organizing in Ft. Collins, Sandy focuses her efforts on reaching out to Hispanics. “I love how I can reach the Hispanic population,” she says. “As a Hispanic and Spanish speaker, I feel that I can contribute by removing the language barrier and getting Spanish speakers to help out and volunteer any way they can.”

During her one-on-one meetings and at events, Sandy shares her passion about reforming the immigration system, and she shares her personal story about how the Affordable Care Act changed her life. “I have two brain tumors that did not allow me to get insurance,” Sandy says of the ailment that designated her as having a pre-existing condition and therefore not eligible for coverage with insurance companies. “With health care reform I can now get insurance, and I am very thankful to President Obama for that.”

Sandy doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to her admiration for our 44th President, and her experience as a Summer Organizer is all about supporting him. “The President is my hero,” she says. “I love Barack Obama, and I believe he is trying his very best to help everyone achieve their potential. He also gives me hope that no matter what I can achieve my dreams if I work hard enough. I want to be a senator one day, so I believe the SO program is a great way for me to start my political career.”

Sandy was blown away when President Obama himself got on the first national conference call for Summer Organizers. “It was the best day of my life ... so far.”

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