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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Madison


Madison C. has had enough firsthand experiences to know that government policies really affect people. “I worked in the health care industry during my summers in undergrad as a medical assistant, and I realized just how broken the insurance industry was. Establishing a broader insurance system is very important to me,” she says. “The Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction, and without President Obama’s leadership it is likely that Republicans would slowly repeal this legislation step by step instead of taking it further in the right direction.”

As a Summer Organizer, Madison believes that a personal connection to policies will help bring people back on board to support President Obama in 2012. Health care and education top her list. “A lot of people don’t understand how individual policies affect them, and they do not have the time to research the topics,” she says. So she’s speaking from her own experience and doing a lot of research for her one-on-one meetings with people that she hopes will soon be volunteers.

Madison became especially motivated to work for the President’s campaign efforts because of her experience working on the campaign to elect Michael Bennet to the U.S. Senate in Colorado last summer. So she decided to come back to her home state for the Summer Organizer program in between years of law school at Penn State.

After just a few weeks on the job, Madison has already honed her community organizing skills to recognize the needs of her Adams County turf. “Adams County is a large area that is spread out. In order to be successful in this area, we need to have several nuclei so that people do not have to drive long distances, which is something that tends to turn people off from coming to volunteer or show up for other events.”

Ultimately, as a Summer Organizer Madison is looking forward to developing her skills at building relationships. “I want to be able to communicate with a variety of types of people in order to show them that President Obama’s agenda can work for everyone,” she says.

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