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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Joel

Joel V. wasn’t going to let anything stop him from becoming a Colorado Summer Organizer. He undertook an arduous drive from St. Petersburg, Florida, during which he endured a flat tire, altitude sickness, and far too many hours in the car. But to be an organizer for President Obama, Joel says, “It’s all worth it.”

Politics has always been important in Joel’s household. “We were always involved in politics in some way,” recalls Joel. In addition, helping others was central to his family’s values. “I was taught to help others and to treat others the way I would like to be treated.”

The differences between Florida and Colorado are stark for Joel, who says that people in Colorado are more laid back than in Florida. People meet up constantly to enjoy the outdoors, festivals and concerts. This inclination to get together casually is particularly helpful when setting up one-on-ones.


One of Joel’s best experiences so far was getting some unexpected additions to a one-on-one. “The person I was meeting brought three other people with him, and they were all very excited to get started,” he says.

During his one-on-one (or four-on-one) conversations, Joel puts the full force of his conviction behind his words. “I support President Obama because he’s changed this country for the better, and he has kept his promises,” Joel says. He especially enjoys his South Denver turf, “because there are a lot of liberals like me!”

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