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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Garrett


Everyone at the campaign has a different story about how they became. Mine is a little unconventional. In 2008 I was not swept up in the excitement. Government does not move as fast as we like and I knew policies take time to implement. However, since President Obama has taken office and passed so much positive legislation, I’m now a bigger fan than the day I voted for him.

In the depths of a dark, cold New England winter I was forwarded an email from a friend who was a Summer Organizer in 2008. The subject line was simply, “Know any good organizers?” My friend included a pointed message: “You should do this.” I applied and shortly afterward made plans to head west.

As a lifelong East Coaster it was time for a change of scenery. The importance of Colorado in the 2012 election was my reason for coming here. Yet, living and working in here has been a wonderful experience. The volunteers and our supporters in Colorado are focused and passionate about keeping this state blue.

The biggest reward so far as an organizer has been clarifying the President’s policies to people during my one-on-one meetings and on the phone. There are so many voices on the issues that are important to us, that thoughts, ideas and feelings get confusing. What really matters to people is that they feel their opinions are important, and when I meet with them I let them know that their thoughts are important to me and to the campaign. Clarifying the facts and giving people a voice is imperative and can make the difference between someone choosing to be a supporter or not.

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