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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Dori


Dori’s passion for politics began at an early age, when she canvassed with her mom as a child. But what really hooked her was volunteering for a U.S. Senate campaign in 1986. That excitement for campaigning has always stuck with her and compelled her to volunteer during the 2008 presidential campaign.

But Dori didn’t spend as much time volunteering in 2008 as she would have liked. That’s why after receiving an email about the Summer Organizer program, she’s organizing in her hometown of Denver for President Obama. And she plans to be involved all the way up through November 2012, “because it’s not that far away.”

Community organizing means a great deal to Dori. “Making everyone responsible for bringing in the next generation of organizers means everyone has a direct investment in the campaign. Everyone has the opportunity to become as involved as they want to,” she says.

Dori’s turf has a large population of seniors, and they’ve turned out to be a great group to organize. “They have been fantastic volunteers who have passionately given their time and energy,” says Dori of her volunteers.

The Summer Organizer experience has been both fun and educational, especially sitting at a table with fellow organizers Joel and Shaun. Dori says the highlight of her experience has been working voter registration at the Denver Pride Fest and Juneteenth. “People were really receptive to the President and getting more people registered.”

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