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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Chris


Chris G. has only been an organizer since June, but he’s already achieved mythical status among the Colorado campaign team with his persistence and commitment to contacting as many Obama supporters as possible. On any given night in his turf in Ft. Collins he averages 200 calls, leaving the teams in Denver wondering, who is this guy?

To start, Chris is a native Coloradan. Born in Estes Park, educated at CU Boulder and now organizing in Fort Collins, he has found a way to give back to the state that he grew up in. It goes without saying that Chris is a huge supporter of the President because of all that he has accomplished so far during his first term in office – from passing the Affordable Care Act to passage of the START Treaty, to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. As Chris puts it, “There is no one reason I support the President. There are hundreds!”

Chris has not held back his enthusiasm when it comes to the Summer Organizer program, phone banking and scheduling one-on-ones. “You have one focus, and that’s phone calls. You don’t go mess around. You don’t stop,” he says.

Chris is so dedicated to the movement, he’s decided to put off law school. “There are some more important things to do at the moment,” he says. “This is our democratic duty and duty as citizens.”

Despite Chris’s popularity as a phone banking powerhouse, he says that the most rewarding part of the Summer Organizer experience has been working with his colleagues. “It’s great seeing other Summer Organizers from all around the U.S., who have come to Colorado and sacrificed their summers to make a difference in Colorado and to help the President win Colorado again,” Chris says.

When not organizing, Chris is enjoying the outdoors and the mountains. “Growing up in Estes Park, nature is really important to me.” There is no other place that Chris wants to be than Colorado, and we’re glad he’s making a difference to keep Colorado for President Obama in 2012.

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