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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Charlie

Charlie doesn’t consider himself organized – but that didn’t stop him from wanting to become an organizer. In fact, it’s one of the things that motivated him to join the Summer Organizer program. “Organization is one of my weaknesses and I have already been forced to become more organized,” he admits.


Charlie joined the team in Colorado and came all the way from Port Lavaca, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. Especially interested in health care policy Charlie decided to dedicate his summer to organizing because President Obama had the courage to aggressively pursue health care reform during his first term.

“Passing the Personal Protection and Affordable Care Act [health reform] was a huge accomplishment for President Obama,” Charlie says. “However, a lot more needs to be done to expand coverage to our nation's most vulnerable citizens. A lot is at stake in this election.”

As he talks on the phone and holds one-on-ones across Adams County, Charlie enjoys hearing the variety of perspectives on the state of the nation. “Hearing the average American's concerns really puts Obama's policies into perspective and helps understand what the people's perception is,” he says. “Sometimes people have a distorted view of what Obama actually stands for and I find it rewarding to convince them that a lot of what they hear is actually plain wrong.”

As he learns to be a better organizer (and get more organized), Charlie is bringing diverse groups across his turf together. “Community organizing in general is important because it unites the people behind a common cause or interest. In this case, it is priceless because it will help President Obama win!”
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