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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Amy

Amy Oliver is IN

Many of our Summer Organizers have come to Colorado from other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great homegrown talent in our midst. Not only is Amy O. a native Coloradan, her turf in Lakewood is also her hometown – and she’s thrilled to be able to give back to her community and help the President whose first term in office has already done so much to help her.

After graduating from high school, an unexpected pregnancy changed Amy’s original life plans. With a new family to support, she went straight to work. Recently, however Amy was able to realize some of the dreams that had to be delayed. In the past couple of years she’s bought a home because of the Obama Administration’s first-time home buyers’ tax credit, which helped her afford a down payment. In addition, she’s finally been able to go to college because of provisions in the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which, passed as part of health reform, provides more money for single moms like Amy to go to school.

“President Obama has created change that has helped me and my family so much; I've gone back to college and purchased my first home thanks to his governing,” Amy says. “It was an easy decision to give back through community service and the Summer Organizer program. President Obama is intelligent, compassionate, driven and dedicated to serving our country.”

The first few days of organizing were a little nerve racking. Trying to schedule that first one-on-one was tough. Calling strangers and making the “hard ask” was “scary,” says Amy, but after the first one-on-one her nerves were replaced with enthusiasm and eagerness for her next opportunity to talk with Obama supporters – who also happen to be her neighbors.

“Knowing and working with your neighbors is how life should be. And organizing in your community just makes sense,” Amy says. “If we act locally, we can affect huge change.”

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