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Summer Organizer Reflections: “Volunteers make this organization great.”

June is almost over, and in just three weeks of the 2011 Summer Organizer program I’ve found my rhythm and groove as an organizer and developed great relationships with my fellow organizers, staff and volunteers here in Colorado.

As much as I’ve learned about organizing so far, I’ve found that volunteers make this organization great. Working as an organizer has helped me put to rest the old stereotype that Americans are apathetic about politics: The volunteers I’ve been meeting and working with are extremely motivated to protect the gains that President Obama has made in his first term and are taking the campaign into their own hands.

Mary M. is a high school English and Theatre teacher, and she helped register voters to ensure President Obama gets another four years to help push education reform in the right direction. Carol M. was born into poverty but worked hard her entire life to earn the American Dream, and she’s supporting us to make sure that remains possible for all Americans. Roger P., Harriet S. and Andy and Judy K. are volunteers who have been instrumental in helping me organize in my turf of Broomfield.


Volunteers and Summer Organizers get to know each other at our SO training in early June.

The volunteers I’ve met all feel that they’re a part of something bigger, a part of something that collectively means more than a group of individual people. They also recognize that the whole couldn’t succeed without those individual parts, and that gives them a sense of empowerment. There is something special about being a volunteer here.

With three weeks behind me and six more to go, I already know that I will carry my time spent as a Summer Organizer with me in whatever pursuits I choose to follow after this program concludes. I fully recommend that all who share our values join us in whatever ways they can. Getting involved in helping the country is something no one will ever regret.

Get involved today by visiting the Colorado state page, click “events” and find out where we’ll be hosting events in your area.

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