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Summer Organizer Life: Footwork Fridays

Summer Organizer Photos 2011 053

Organizing is a tough job. As summer organizers we work long, hard hours and travel long distances to build the foundation for President Obama’s campaign. Every Friday for a brief time in our Denver office, we let our hair down, take a quick break, to bust a move with Footwork Fridays.

Footwork Fridays is the brainchild of Summer Organizer Cameron L. “During a team meeting, the idea of a team chant was brought up. Then I thought, how about a team dance?” Cameron says. “I wanted to teach everyone in South Denver the ‘Wobble’ and make it our official dance. But then I thought why not the whole office!”

Since then we all look forward to what new dance we are going to attempt each Friday. We may not all be the most graceful dancers, but as Cameron puts it, “our office is very determined to succeed. And it’s just important to get everyone up and moving together after so much serious work.”

Collectively we know that some of us can hold it down, others hold on for dear life, and a few people have two left feet. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun trying!

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