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Stepping Up: My First Watch Party

This is part two in our series following new volunteer Lisa B., as she holds her first events in her neighborhood. Here she writes about her State of the Union watch party and the impact of watching the speech together with neighbors and friends.

I continued to help out the campaign this week by hosting a State of the Union watch party on Tuesday night. It was a fabulous evening because I invited friends, neighbors and new volunteers to my house, so we got to sit around and watch the President deliver the speech together.

01-26-12 SOTU Lisa B

Probably my favorite moment was when they announced Obama to the chamber. Everyone in my living room started cheering for the President, and then he hugged Gabby Giffords. That was a really special moment.

As a group, we also really enjoyed when he spoke about Jackie Bray enrolling in a training program that helped her land a job with Siemens. It was phenomenal to see the President talking about her successes, and she looked so proud.

At the end of the speech we turned off the TV, and as a group discussed the parts of the speech that really mattered to us. People in my living room spoke about the parts of the speech that related to their lives and why it mattered that he was re-elected. Because of that energy in the room, several attendees agreed to hold their first house party. So they’ll reach out to their friends and neighbors and talk about what they can do to help re-elect the President.

Overall it was just a fantastic evening and I’m looking forward my phone bank on Tuesday and continuing to help out the campaign any way that I can.

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