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Stepping Up: Lisa B.


In this series, we explore what it means to volunteer for the campaign from the eyes of a new organizer. Lisa B., decided to volunteer because she’s wants to protect the President’s progress, so she’ll be checking in occasionally to talk about her experiences organizing Lowry. From holding her first house meeting to finalizing her neighborhood team, we’ll be with her each step of the way.

Name: Lisa B.
Neighborhood: Lowry, Denver

As a new volunteer for the Obama campaign, I held my first house meeting this week with 15 people from my neighborhood. The meeting was a great and easy way to get to know those in my community and talk about why we support the President.

We also laid out the next steps for how we’re going to help Obama win Colorado, including getting participants for the Day of Action onSaturday and finding hosts for State of the Union watch parties. It was such an exhilarating feeling to see people step up and offer to run a phone bank orhost neighborhood meetings!

And that’s what I love so far about organizing, the sense of community you develop with your neighbors. We’re talking today about re-electing President Obama but I know that after the election, I’ll still be friends with many of them.

Lowry as a community was not particularly active in 2008 and I really look forward to changing that. I’m hosting my first watch party for the State of the Union. I’ll check back in after those events and let you know how they went!

Interested in coming out to a State of the Union watch party? Find one in your neighborhood and RSVP today.

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