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Community Organizer Spotlight: Delores M.

Immediately after Senator Obama gave his address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Delores M. thought to herself, “This man could be President some day.” Feeling energized like never before she followed the work of Barack Obama and worked to get him on the Ballot in Delaware in 2008. Spreading the message of Change throughout the State she organized and ran a daily phone bank in Wilmington to reach out to voters throughout the Country.


In 2011, Delores plans to continue to spread the accomplishments of President Obama and reach out to supporters in Delaware as she helps lead a Grassroots organization. Motivated by the reality of changing the United States, she aims to share her enthusiasm and inform everyone of the role that they can and must play in re-electing President Obama. In between phone calls recruiting for an early May phone bank, Delores stated “Progress takes time and President Obama is the best man to keep making it happen.”

Her daily organizing is fueled by a feeling that we must give it all that we have each and every day. “I would hate to have the next election not go our way, and remember times that I could have been bringing in more volunteers and talking to more neighbors, each conversation could be the one that puts you over the top.”

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