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Seeing the Benefits of Health Care Reform First-Hand

Barb W.

Barb W., a public health nurse living in Aurora, would gladly invite anyone to join her during one of her long shifts, so they could see first-hand the benefits of health care reform in Colorado. What she experiences day-to-day is a health care system getting better, in large part because of reforms put in place through President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Whether it's young adults who are able to focus on their education without the cost of health insurance weighing them down or low-income families who no longer fear lifetime caps in their plans, Barb advocates for the progress made by this historic legislation:

"Healthcare is especially important for our communities here. I see people struggling every day without insurance. And many who do have insurance can’t afford it or find the insurance they currently have doesn’t cover the kind of care they need. The parts of the reform that have been implemented are already making a real impact, especially young adults being able to stay on their insurance and the elimination of lifetime caps. As a nurse on the front lines, I see the difference of the Affordable Care Act all the time.”

Barb W.
Barb on a call with other nurses launching Nurses for Obama in Colorado

But for Barb, it’s not always the most dramatic story that shows why we need to protect health insurance reform. She speaks passionately about the everyday experiences of Coloradans, including one family whose daughter had asthma and would be disabled without an inhaler.

“If she hadn’t been able to stay on her parent’s health insurance because she was under 26, she wouldn’t be able to focus on her career. Without the medication she can't work at her job. It’s often a vicious cycle where you can’t work without medication, but without work you can’t afford medication. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, this young lady is able to focus on her career while getting the care she needs.”

There are countless more stories Barb can tell and that’s why she volunteers for the campaign in Arapahoe, despite her busy schedule. When she talks to voters, she makes sure to share her health care reform experiences with them.

“We need this President because he has a common sense approach to all these problems, not just health care. He’s going down the right track and I want to be there with him.”

Has the Affordable Care Act helped you or your family? Share your story with us directly. To learn more about how health care reform has helped nurses, visit the new Nurses for Obama page.
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