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"The word 'respect' permeates my reason for supporting the President. He respects me as an individual.”

Star of the hit show "The Closer," actor and activist Jonathan Del Arco came out to Colorado on Saturday to talk to volunteers and share why he supports President Obama.

As a member of the Latino community, the immigrant community, and the LGBT community, Jonathan says the President has shown him respect and had his back. That's why, for him, President Obama is the clear choice in this election.

“I came to the United States legally when I was only 10 years old. Romney’s resistance to the Dream Act is illogical to me; I could have easily been one of those kids, and I don’t understand why we would invest in all of their educations and just cast them off later."


President Obama's work to lift the shadow of deportation from Dreamers -- young people who came to the United States as children, through no fault of their own, and are contributing to our country through military service or going to college -- and his support of same-sex marriage made Jonathan want to take action to make sure the President can keep up the progress he's made. If Romney becomes president, Jonathan says, he's worried about what could happen:

“It wouldn’t be a good future for our country. For Romney to ask us to go back to the policies of the past – that is illogical.”

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