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Registering for the Future

Bianca and Ulises

Ulises and Blanca know how important it is that their generation vote, but they're not stopping at making sure they're set for November 6th. They also came out today during the National Voter Registration Weekend of Action to help register students on Auraria's campus in Denver.

"As a Latina, I know it's so important that I vote and help others vote. If we don't vote in November, others will make decisions for us. We should make the decisions for our self," Blanca said.

Both Ulises and Blanca are in high school, and this Fall marks the first time they can vote in a Presidential election. In the meantime, they've been volunteering in our West Denver office, where they like to make calls and go out and talk to voters about what the President has accomplished for Latinos.

"It's a great way to help our community, and I know the President understands us. He's doing everything he can to make our future better," explains Blanca.

Ulises highlighted how rewarding it is to help voters make sure their information is up to date, and that young people are set to vote in the Fall.

“My favorite part is convincing people that their vote matters in 2012,” explains Ulises, “and then seeing them register.”

If you're interested in joining Ulises and Blanca this weekend to help register voters, there's still plenty of time to sign up for shifts tomorrow. And as a special way of saying thank you, anyone who completes a shift this weekend will be automatically entered for a chance to see Michelle Obama!

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