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Reflections on President Obama's Colorado visit

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On Tuesday, thousands of people gathered at Abraham Lincoln High School in South Denver to see President Obama speak. Here are some reactions from our volunteers who were able to be there.

“This is the first time I’ve seen the president in person. On a personal level it was one of the highlights of my life, to hear him speak. He’s so right on. When he said, ‘pass this bill’ everyone in the audience would say ‘pass this bill!’”

~Dori H.

“I worked with people from my Neighborhood Teams to pass out and collect a hoard of ‘I’m In’ cards. I talked to a 15 year old in line who is a student at Lincoln High. I asked him if he wanted to sign a card. He said he was too young to volunteer. I told him he may not be able to vote, but he sure could volunteer. He asked me when. I said, "How about now." He loved the idea, took a handful of cards and helped us get them signed. He said the President is an inspiration to him and he was there to thank him for the help his administration has given to his school.”

~Cindy L.

“No one can make political points as well as President Obama and he made some great ones in Denver yesterday. He's fired up and so are we!

It was also great to see so many of our Colorado politicians right there with him, standing and applauding. The President wants everyone there to contact members of Congress and get them to ‘pass the bill.’ It was a great day!”

~Jeff H.

"The crowd was happy and friendly and shared water with each other the whole time we waited in the parking lot of Lincoln High School in the sun. President Obama was very energized by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd. Best line was when he said that the Republicans didn't want to vote for the Jobs Act to ‘give him a win.’ Then he said, ‘Give me a win? Give me a break!’"

~Suzanne T.

I was thrilled with the President’s speech regarding the Jobs Act. I will continue my work to have him back in the White House.

~Estelle C.

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