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“Please welcome the First Lady of the United States”


On February 28, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke with Coloradans about the important work we’re doing to help re-elect her husband. Before she spoke to supporters across the state, Florine K., an amazing team leader in Denver, was honored to introduce Michelle. We caught up with Florine afterwards to hear her thoughts on the call and what it was like to introduce the First Lady.

What was it like to introduce the First Lady?
It was exciting to just be part of the process and to be able take an active part. She is such a beautiful person and she’s really put her mark on the office. Her work is inspiring to everyone because I can tell that she is trying to include everyone in this country so they can feel a part of it.

And my feeling is if there’s anything I can do to help her out, I’m happy to do it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was raised primarily by my mother in South Carolina as one of ten children. After college, I moved to Washington D.C. and worked for the Social Security Administration. Growing up, I saw people working hard and making sure their family's made it. So I did the same and I have two boys and three grandkids.

What do you like to do with the campaign?
I work in the Montbello neighborhood team. Right now, I’m primarily making calls and knocking on doors. Again, anything I can do to help the campaign, I’m happy to do it.

Why do you think it’s important to get involved in the campaign?
Well, I got involved in 2008 because I was just impressed with Obama and his principles. But now I’m working for him again because I think the President needs to finish the work he’s started. But he can’t do it by himself, that's for sure.

On the call, the First Lady emphasized volunteering for the campaign, even if it’s just for one hour a week. Sign up to help re-elect the President and change your community.

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