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Organizing is about people’s stories – in every language

On Tuesday more than a dozen volunteers converged for a bilingual phone bank in Northwest Denver. All of the phones in the basement offices of Lucero’s Financial Group, a longtime site for Democratic organizing activities, were occupied by Denverites talking to their neighbors about President Obama’s accomplishments and scheduling in-person, one-on-one meetings.

“I love talking with people in my home neighborhood, hearing their stories,” said Morgain S. (below) at Tuesday’s phone bank. A community liaison for an elementary school in the West Denver neighborhood where she grew up, Morgain is working with the parents of her students to help them earn GED’s and learn English. “It’s a lot like phone banking,” Morgain says about her day job. “It’s about talking with people, understanding their needs and responding in ways that are helpful and empowering – and it’s a lot like what President Obama is doing for the country.”

Morgain phone banking

North and West Denver are key locations for reaching out to Latinos, so we’re ramping up our events to reach out to these key constituencies who will be integral for winning Colorado for President Obama in 2012. Our Northwest Denver organizers are well aware of their important turf and are already ahead of the game, organizing bilingual phone banks, canvasses and voter registration events.

Want to find a bilingual event near you? You can search for events across Colorado here.

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