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Organizing for the President in Adams County

Team Colorado partnered up with the Adams County Democratic Party at Commerce Cities’ “Derby Daze” this past Saturday to speak with local supporters of the president. Our Adams County group of Summer Organizers took it to the streets for some truly grassroots-level organizing, handing out information about the administration’s accomplishments thus far.

Commerce City Derby Daze

We were also getting people in the know about the many upcoming events we’ve got planned in Adams County, including:

“It was great to be out in the community approaching people about our work,” said Summer Organize Charlie B. “It was a little intimidating to do a cold approach at first, but once I dove in, it was no sweat. I can’t wait till our next street event.”

Summer Organizers and volunteers from the Adams County Democratic Party collected updated contact information from supporters and offered voter registration services to all citizens at Derby Daze who needed to be registered to have their voice heard, regardless of their political affiliation.

Adams County is a unique area for the campaign because of its diverse population and group of Spanish-speakers. Winning Adams County is crucial to success in 2012. Given the dedication of our organizers and volunteers in the area, we’re confident we can Win the Future in Adams County.

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