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Organizer Spotlight: Justin Steele

Justin Steele is one of our newest organizers here in Colorado. Get to know Justin a little better as he tells us about where he's from and why he loves organizing for President Obama.

Justin Steele
Justin giving a thumbs up with some of his great volunteers in Colorado Springs.

Name: Justin Steele
Role: Regional Field Director, El Paso County
Fun Fact: I appeared on an episode of an MTV reality show.

Tell us a little bit about yourself about and how you got here.
I started in 2008 during the primaries, when the President was first running. I was inspired and went out to volunteer in Iowa, Nevada, California, Texas and eventually Colorado. During the general election, I was hired to work on the Western Slope as a field organizer. It was a great experience and I knew after the election that I wanted to come back and help out again. I didn't want to sit on the sidelines for this election.

How would you define what a Regional Field Director does?
I would define it as someone who is managing a structure and an organization. As an RFD, you're making sure this organization is building, growing and expanding.

What is your favorite part of being an RFD?
Definitely meeting all the new people who are from all walks of life. Of course, in meeting new people you form a lot of great friendships. But really, through those relationships you have an impact on their community. We're not here just for the election. The intention is to build a lasting infrastructure for change in everyone's community. After the election, they'll be able to make a mark on their community because they'll know how to organize. That's really my favorite part of the job

What have you learned about Colorado Springs?
Colorado Springs isn’t so different from where I’m from and that's what I love about it. I grew up in the Central Valley in California. What I saw there growing up, I see here too: hard working people trying to get their kids to college and earn a living. Now that I’m here I feel like I was supposed to come here.

Are you in the Colorado Springs area? Join us for the grand opening of the Colorado Springs office. Or come out to an event in your neighborhood to support the President.

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