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My First Time Caucusing

Tonight will be Sandy's first time caucusing. In the post below, she shares why she's decided to come out and stand for the President. If you're not sure where your caucus location is, you can look it up using this online tool.

Name: Sandy C.
Occupation: Getting an MBA
Role: Neighborhood Team Leader
Caucus Location: Rocky Mountain High School

When I step into Rocky Mountain High School tonight, it will be my first time ever attending a caucus. Even though I know he is going to be our nominee, I'm taking advantage of this time to stand for Barack Obama because I want to talk with my neighbors, family and friends about all the accomplishments his administration has made for Colorado.

I've been lucky enough to be affected by many of those accomplishments myself. For instance, I wouldn't have health insurance if it wasn't for the Affordable Care Act. After the election, I plan on joining the Army and going into basic training where I know I have the support of the President and the First Lady. And as a Latina, I think it's critical for our community to get involved and share ideas.

But one of the reasons I'm most excited to caucus is because I'll be going with my dad. He's a machinist in Fort Collins and this'll be his first time caucusing too. He believes the President is a good man and deserves another four years to finish the job he's started. I'm so excited to share this experience with him because I've been working hard as a neighborhood team leader, including hosting a phone bank every Wednesday, to spread the word about how this administration has helped Northern Colorado.

I hope everyone finds their caucus location in their community and comes out at 6:30 p.m. tonight. We'll be gathering together as a community of supporters to show our enthusiasm for another four years with Obama as our President!

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