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Meeting Barack Obama

Yesterday, the President stopped by Aurora to talk about the promise of clean energy at the Buckley Air Force Base. But before the President lauded the Base, which has been a leader in green energy efforts, he met with two of our amazing volunteers. Dori H., who started working with the campaign as a Summer Organizer, and Megan W., who was a Fall Fellow, are both based in Denver. We sat down with them just after they met the President to talk about their experiences at the event. 

Megan was particularly impressed by his down-to-earth personality: "It was thrilling! He was so gracious with us that he made us feel comfortable." And Dori couldn't believe they were actually going to meet him: "I would describe it as surreal. It was hard to believe it was going to be us who actually got to meet him." 

Dori and Megan had a chance to chat him with about their volunteering experiences. They made sure to thank him and let the President know it's a privilege to volunteer with the campaign. "That's when he said, 'We couldn't do this without you.' And thanked the both us. Just such a special moment for both of us," Dori said. After their brief chat, they snapped a picture with the President. 

Both volunteers agree that they have a renewed sense of the importance of their day-to-day work on the campaign. Megan described it as, "like starting over again. It's a reminder of what we're doing and why were doing it. This is why we've been working so hard." 

Interested in joining the campaign? Sign up to volunteer here or apply to be a Spring Fellow today. And let us know in the comments below what you would say to the President if you had the opportunity to meet him. 

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