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Meagan Gets a Hug from the President

Meagan Woman for Obama

Meagan is a CSU student and one of our fantastic campus volunteers. She’s also the leader of a reproductive rights organization, and has worked at Planned Parenthood for the past three years.

Reproductive rights for women are an important issue to her – not just because she believes, like President Obama, that women should be able to make their own health care decisions, but also because access to women’s health care is crucial for her family. Meagan and her three sisters all have a medical condition that requires them to take birth control, and thanks to Obamacare and the President's support of Planned Parenthood, birth control and other women's health services are more accessible and affordable for women like her.

Between her own experience and her work, Meagan knows firsthand that Planned Parenthood helps people with a wide range health needs. That’s one of the reasons she’s working to give President Obama another four years so he can keep up the progress he’s made:

"I don’t just support President Obama because of Planned Parenthood itself, but because of all the people I’ve met that Planned Parenthood has helped – young girls, LGBT people, my own family. He took a stand for us. I was so proud of him, and he’s so inspiring. He’s just always moving forward."

So when Meagan found out she had won the Backstage with Barack contest in Fort Collins last week, she planned what she would say to let President Obama know what his accomplishments have meant to her.

“I started to shake his hand, and I got out ‘I work at Planned Parenthood, thank you.’ He said, ‘that’s fantastic – you’ll have to tell the ladies I said hello!’ And I couldn't stop smiling and shaking his hand -- I just said, ‘thank you so much for supporting us. We’ve got your back!’ And he said, ‘thank you, Meagan,' and gave me a hug. It was an incredible moment. And everyone at Planned Parenthood is going to be so excited that the President said to say hi!"

Join Meagan in helping to protect President Obama’s accomplishments for women – get involved today.

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