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Kal Penn and John Cho Visit Colorado

John and Kal at CSU

Kal Penn and John Cho came to Colorado this week to help out with the grassroots effort to win our state for the President. They visited six campuses – CSU Pueblo, UCCS, Auraria, UNC, CSU Fort Collins, and CU Boulder – to talk to students about the power they have to swing this critical battleground state, and to ensure they’re registered so they can make their voices heard in this election.

Kal saw the power of young people getting involved to make change in 2008, and he knows they’ll make the difference again in an election with even more at stake:

“I didn’t think we’d have to campaign again four years later to preserve all the progress we’ve made, and to make sure it’s not reversed. But we do. And that’s where you guys come in. Despite all the negativity that you see out there, the greatest strength that the President has is volunteers. That’s the one thing that’s going to win the election, despite all the money pouring in on the other side. There’s nothing that can replace the excitement and the ability of young folks to make a difference. That’s what we saw in 2008, and that’s why we’ve had all this progress. There’s still a lot more progress the President wants to make, but he can’t do it if he doesn’t get a second term, and he can’t get a second term without your help.”

Kal does VR

John, who supports the President because he’s looking out for students and education, talked to volunteers about the difference they can and will make:

“You’re going to swing the nation. And to be able to have that kind of positive effect on your future, and your country’s future, is a special opportunity. It’s a really historic chance to do something that’ll affect your country in a really positive way. I come from an immigrant family that chose to come to this country, and it makes obvious the choice that you guys are making; we chose to come to this country, but you’re choosing to make your country what you want it to be. It’s so exciting here, because there are nine electoral votes that you guys are going to deliver, and it’s going to make a huge difference.”

Boulder crowd

Check out the photos of the awesome campus voter registration tour, then make sure you and your friends get involved to make the difference in this election.

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