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July 16: Voter Registration "Day of Action" Defined


This Saturday, July 16, we’ll be engaging in this summer’s second Day of Action. The Day of Action is a nationwide event, with organizers and volunteers running voter registration drives across the country. It’s exciting to know that there will be organizers, just like the Summer Organizers and volunteers in Colorado, registering voters and talking about President Obama’s accomplishments all over the country on a single day.

At our last Day of Action in mid-June, we registered hundreds of new voters, and we’re aiming to blow that number out of the water this weekend.

As an organization, we have a motto: Respect, Empower, Include, or REI. Voter registration encompasses all three of these central tenets. When we register new voters or ensure that citizens’ voter registrations are up-to-date we’re respecting them by reaching out to all citizens, so that everyone who can vote is registered to do so. We’re empowering them by reminding them that they have a voice that ought to be heard come Election Day. Finally, we’re including them by registering all voters, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status political affiliation or any other categorization.

Doing voter registration is also a great way to start having conversations about the 2012 election with people in your community.

Come be a part of the fun! Check out the list of events below and click through to sign up for one near you.

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