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Jefferson County is getting published: Letter to the Editor Trainings are a big success

As we continue to build the campaign in Colorado, President Obama’s supporters are finding numerous ways to make their voices heard. Volunteers around Jefferson County are taking the lead from Joan J. (below, standing with papers where her team's letters were published) and her Letter to the Editor Team in Lakewood. Joan has been using her skills as a former editor to train passionate supporters on how to effectively write letters to the editor. So far, nearly every member of the team has had a letter published, with letters printed in the Denver Post and the Washington Post.

Joan’s trainings have helped self-proclaimed “novice writers” such as Cindy L. to get her views published on issues important to her, like health insurance reform.

Joan's next training is this Saturday, November 5, so if you have something to say, join her and her team to learn how to write a great letter to the editor. The training sessions spots are limited so sign up now!

Tami - Joan Jacobson and Wall of LTE
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