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In Denver, President Obama announces relief for students now

On Wednesday I was one of a handful of young adults to attend a meet and greet with President Obama before he gave a speech at the Auraria Campus in Denver. As a Fall Fellow with the campaign and a student at the University of Colorado Denver, it was an honor to welcome the president to my college campus.

After seeing him on television so many times, it was unreal to have him shake my hand and speak directly to me. The President took the time to connect with each of us, asking us questions and thanking us for the work we’ve been doing.

Of course, he was just as impressive in person as he is on TV.

During his speech, President Obama addressed the issue of student loans and what his Administration can do now to relieve the financial burden so many students bear. He told us how he and the First Lady had graduated law school with $120,000 in student loans – so he understands the struggles that so many students are dealing with. Under his new plan, starting next year, loan payments of many students can be capped at 10% of their income, saving hundreds of dollars a month.

Throughout the morning, I saw two sides of the President: the regular guy who has faced the same problems many Americans deal with every day, and the strong leader who is committed to solving those problems, no matter what it takes. This is what makes him such an inspiring person, and why I’ll continue to dedicate my time to his campaign now and throughout 2012.


From left, Kendall, Angela, Diya, Sean and Alex met President Obama when he visited Denver on October 26.

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